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Thierry Dronet Workshop

We are witnessing a renaissance in the way we build houses.

        This renaissance, known as "natural building," is where ancient tradition meets a modern pioneering spirit. People seeking to create a home which is healthy, beautiful and sustainable are turning to old/new technologies such as straw-bale construction, cob and permaculture. These rely on local materials and skills to create an architecture rooted in place and community, and an edible natural landscape around it.


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The New Strawbale Home
by Catherine Wanek

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Natural Building Resources
is an umbrella organization created to disseminate and coordinate information and activities regarding natural building, sustainable architecture, and ecological living.

Book and Video Sales:
Natural Building Resources carries a number of hand-picked informational materials about natural building and living, including subjects such as straw bale, cob, light clay, bamboo and others. We offer this small but wide-ranging collection as a service to homeowners, architects and builders. Proceeds help fund this website and other educational activities. The support of others helped make this website available for you; your support will help those yet to walk the road you're already on.

Black Range Films:
Black Range Films is our in-house media facility, which has produced the award-winning video The Straw Bale Solution, the Urban Permaculture video featuring Dr Bill Roley, and the Building With Straw series of videos. An hour-long documentary of Build Here Now, a natural building and permaculture convergence held at the Lama Foundation in northern New Mexico in 1999 is currently being edited.

The Natural Building Colloquium:
The Black Range Lodge has hosted three Natural Building Colloquia, an inspired sharing of ideas by practitioners from several disciplines through hands-on workshops, lectures, slide shows and presentations with the purpose of supporting the ongoing "renaissance" in natural building and ecological design.


Building Healthy Teeth:

One link of interest to natural builders is how to have a healthy mouth. Living a natural lifestyle in green homes is nice when you participate in a natural health care regime. This includes information explained in the book, Cure Tooth Decay.

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This website and other educational activities are funded by sales of a select assortment of books, videos, and other informational materials about natural building and living. The support of others helped make this website available for you; your support will help those yet to walk the road you're already on.

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