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Stone is among the oldest and most durable of all building materials, and it is still widely used today. Stone buildings from different cultures are visually distinct, whether dry-stacked or mortared, rough or finely worked.
This shepherd's hut in Sardinia is one of the simplest buildings imaginable. The entire structure is made of stones stacked upon each other, without mortar.
The stones in this farmhouse in Brittany, France, have been individually shaped. Stones are utilized for door and window lintels, and the slate tile roof.

What you see on this page comes from the interesting and helpful book,
The Art of Natural Building

Art of Natural Building A fresh look at age-old building technologies, The Art of Natural Building offers a thorough overview of materials, techniques and resources from the leaders of the modern-day movement. Profusely illustrated, the book provides the philosophical basis for choosing natural materials, siting and energy-efficient design strategies, and case studies, where traditional techniques are utilized in modern buildings.

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