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Timber framing, which relies on the strength of intricate wood-on-wood connections (no nails, screws, or bolts) evolved in both Europe and Asia. Panels in the frame may be filled with various materials, including wattle and daub, adobe, fired brick, straw-clay or straw bales.
For many centuries in Europe, timber-frame homes with fired-brick infill were a sign of wealth, while peasants lived mainly in cob, or earthen, houses. This historic Danish house has been maintained in its original condition, including the thatched roof.
Welsh furniture-maker David Hughes is constructing this whimsical workshop for himself, from oak logs rejected by conventional builders.
Nearly a lost art, thatching is being revived by determined craftsmen like David Hughes, who must harvest their reeds in the dead of winter.
Historic timber frame buildings in Vannes, France, utilize a straw-clay infill. The hydrophillic clay helps preserve both the wood and the straw, and the overhanging upper floors divert rain away from the building, and pedestrians below.

What you see on this page comes from the interesting and helpful book,
The Art of Natural Building

Art of Natural Building A fresh look at age-old building technologies, The Art of Natural Building offers a thorough overview of materials, techniques and resources from the leaders of the modern-day movement. Profusely illustrated, the book provides the philosophical basis for choosing natural materials, siting and energy-efficient design strategies, and case studies, where traditional techniques are utilized in modern buildings.

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