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Classic back issues of The Last Straw Journal 

The International Journal of Straw Bale and Natural Building


Each issue offers 40 pages of construction insights and hindsights from professionals and owner-builders worldwide, plus reviews and resources without advertising. (To Subscribe Visit

TLS#14 – Straw-bale Codes and Testing – Code Officials Speak; Codes Comparison; Research & Testing; Moisture Monitoring; Concrete Bond Beams, etc.

TLS#24 – Straw-bale Code & Testing Update – The International Code; Structural Test Results; SB Arch Test; Basement Bale Walls; Fuel-use Report; SB in Australia & NZ; Tech tips, etc.

TLS#25 – Straw-bale Wall 
Systems – Load-bearing Hybrid; Modified Post & Beam; Box-Columns and Beams; Owner-builder Kit; Pre-fab Steel Framing; A Simple Rough Buck; Earth-bags and Bales; Seismic Testing Program, etc.

TLS#31 – Lessons Learned – Pre-construction Planning, Hiring a Builder; SB Financing & Insuring; Don’t Add Water; Insects in SB Structures; SB Compression Testing; SB Fire Testing; Staining Concrete Floors; Human Resource List and SB Resources, etc.

TLS#32 – Cold Climate Comfort – Designing for Cold Climates; Good Detailing; SB & Rastra; The SB Slab; Cold Climate Cob; Cordwood; Earthberming & Masonry Stoves; Warm Floor Heating; A SB Hot Tub, etc.

TLS#33 – Plasters – Function of Finished; Designing for Earth Plasters, Mysteries of Mud Revealed; Plaster Permeability Testing; Window Detailing for Plasters; Carbide Lime; Pumping Cement Stucco; Earth-cement Plaster; Gypsum Plaster on SB, etc.

TLS#34 – Good Details – SB - A Stressed-Skin Panel; Self-Draining, Rammed Tire & Pier Foundations; Keeping SB Walls Dry; SB Detailing for Wet Climates; Simple Pre-compression; Nailers; Mechanizing Straw-Clay; Organizing Wall Raisings; CASBA Tech Tips; etc.

TLS#35 – Building Community – Cohousing; Ecovillages; Creating Sustainable Suburbs; Community Greenbuilding Policy; Communities Where you can Learn; Community Profiles & Resources; 2001 Human Resource List and Natural Building Resources, etc.

TLS#36 – Solar Solutions – Passive Solar Design & Heating; Integrated Design; Thermal Mass Applications; Earthships; Passive Solar Resources; Passive Cooling; Solar Roof Design; Backup Heating Systems; Masonry Heaters, Shopping for Windows, etc.

TLS#37 – Going Commercial – U.S. Straw-bale Buildings Open to the Public; SB Spec Homes; Mainstreaming in the U.K.; SB Growth in China; Producing Bales; SB Wineries in California & Australia; International SB Registry, Building a Sustainable Practice; etc.

TLS#38 – Foundations and Roofs – Low-cost, Low Concrete Foundations; Frost-protected Shallow Foundations; A Helical Pier Foundation; Primer on Roof Trusses; Straw Bales in the Ceiling – Pro & Con; Trusses from Shipping Pallets; Thatch, etc.

TLS#39 – Strawbale and Education / SB Resources 2002 – Lessons in teaching natural building to youth, Home-made plaster sprayer, SB Human, Bale and Book Resources.

TLS #40 – Red Tape Issue – TLS Turns Ten!, Defending Load-bearing Construction, Insurance, Codes, Financing, Documentation, Breaking Down Barriers, An Infrared Look at Bale Walls, Projects, etc.. 

A link of interest for straw bale readers is how to have healthy children naturally. A look at preconception, pregnancy, birth and parenting.

TLS #43 – A Case for Clay – The Why and How of Earthen Plasters, Soil Science, Decorative Plastering, Lime-Clay How-to, Plus Testing Results, Recipes, Projects, Resources, etc..

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