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Cinva Ram

John Cruickshank provided these photos of the original manually-powered Cinva Ram compressed earth block maker. This block machine was available for viewing at the dryland farm of The Running Rain Society, a.k.a. Dan Howell, desert survivalist extraordinaire. John Cruickshank is the sole proprietor of Going Concerns Unlimited, which has been providing all manner of creative design input to peoples' dreams and concerns since 1976. Going Concerns also provides full construction plans for The Sunny John solar moldering toilet.

The compression stroke is about to begin; the arm is levered to the left, and the piston rises up and compresses the block.
The final compression position. Note the arm fully depressed to the left side.
The beginning of the block ejection sequence. The arm is raised and will be levered to the other side of the machine.
The middle of the block ejection sequence. (Note: lid should have been opened at this point.)
With the top open, a (nonexistent) block is about to be ejected. When the arm on the right is pushed down, the center piston rises up and pops out the block.
End view of the Cinva Ram.

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