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Home on Earth is a planned television series: part documentary, part "how-to" and part an inspiring dream of the future. Home On Earth will showcase a positive vision of how we could be living now, and in the new millennium, by focusing on dynamic, thoughtful visionaries committed to changing their small corner of the planet... and by example, the world.
A serious examination of how human habitation affects our planetary home, the Home on Earth television series will profile contemporary practitioners of natural building and renewable energy technologies, as well as sustainable food production, environmental restoration and ecologically-based human communities. Individuals, families and communities can, with practical steps identified, take action to improve their living situations. By focusing on solutions - from traditional building methods to emerging technologies, urban permaculture to ecovillages - Home on Earth will empower audiences to create homes and communities that are beautiful, healthy, comfortable, affordable and which preserve resources for future generations.
"Crisis" in Chinese script is represented by two characters: one means "danger," and the other means "opportunity." There is certainly the danger that we'll keep consuming blindly to extinction... but the opportunity on the horizon is that as we take steps toward a healthier environment, our lives and communities will improve along the way. NetWorks' vision is that Home On Earth will inspire viewers to take time from their busy lives to reinvent their future, by leading them step-by-step into a hopeful, attainable and sustainable vision of that future.

Vernacular Architecture  
  The Indigenous Way
        ·  An excellent synopsis of the messages given to us by the "Elder Brothers," the Hopi and Kogi.
The Kogi
        ·  An article by Alan Ereira, the first journalist to document the Kogi, the last remaining pre-Columbian civilization in South America.
Exploring Ancient World Cultures
        ·  An incredible sprawling site which introduces the cultures of the Near East, India, Egypt, India, China, Greece and Europe.
The Ancient World Web
        ·  A well-organized cross-index of annotated links related to art, architecture, history, etc. of the ancient world.
Monuments in Egypt
        ·  An exhaustive, fast-loading set of articles and images.
The Indus Valley
        ·  A beautiful slide show of the ancient Indus Valley.
Roman Art and Architecture
        ·  A set of cross-indexed images.
Cultural Map of Greece
        ·  A fun clickable map of Greece which serves as a guide to historic architectural sites with photos and brief articles.
Perseus Project Home Page
        ·  An immense, beautiful and fast site containing over 15,000 (fifteen thousand!) photos related to the art and architecture of ancient Greece.
Tibetan Architecture Project
        ·  A narrative site with some nice photos.
Encyclopedia of Vernacular Architecture of the World
        ·  A descriptive site about this newly-published volume. Just enough to wet your whistle.
Traditional Building Magazine

Earth Building  
  Cob Cottage Company - Home Page
        ·  The site for Oregon cob, with a FAQ page, workshops, photos and more.
Earth Materials - Sustainable Building Sourcebook
        ·  A chapter from the "Sustainable Building Sourcebook" outlining the uses of stone, brick, earth and caliche in construction. No photos.
Adobe Construction
        ·  An article about adobe by RC Rodgers.
Rammed Earth - the Australian connection
        ·  Easy-to-navigate overview of rammed earth.
        ·  A superb site put together by Paul McHenry, which will tell you all you need to know about adobe. With an excellent searchable bibliography.
        ·  A site featuring this earth architecture school founded by the pioneering Persian architect Nader Khalili. Lots of nice photos, cool slide show.
Davis Caves

Building with Wood  
  Goshen Timberframes
        ·  A commercial site with an overview. Advertises free (!) workshops.
Joiner's Quarterly and the Fox Maple School of Traditional Building
        ·  The web site for this excellent journal of timber framing and traditional building. Home for Frank Andreson, straw/clay expert. Features the "Alternative Building Sourcebook" which should prove to be an invaluable resource. Great links section.
Log and Timber frame Home Construction
        ·  A charming personal page with a useful step-by-step outline on how to build a timber-frame or log home.
Log Cabin Homes
        ·  A slick commercial site dedicated to log cabins.
Earthwood Building School
        ·  Cordwood construction site from Rob and Jaki Roy.
Timber Framers Guild: Dedicated to Promoting the Craft of Timber Framing
Timber Framing Resources From Heartwood

Straw-Bale Construction  
  Information on The Last Straw
Sourcebook Straw Bale
State Partners of the Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service
Straw Bale Construction
Strawbale Construction

Hybrid Houses  
        ·  A really nice site from Solar Survival Architects (originators of the Earthship concept) describing this resource efficient, self-sustaining architecture. Easy to navigate with lots of photos. A bit slow.
Review of MoosePrints
        ·  A brief introduction to Robert Laporte's work with timber framing, light straw/clay, and earth-coupled floors

  European Bamboo Society
        ·  Text based site with an excellent links section.
American Bamboo Society
        ·  An excellently-organized text-based site with everything and everyone anyone might want to know about bamboo.
Safari Thatch and Bamboo
        ·  A commercial site which shows the range of uses of thatch and bamboo in the U.S.
Bamboo Bibliography
Bamboo In Nepal: A Management Guide

Sustainable Materials and Methods  
  Natural Building Resources
        ·  A comprehensive site which offers an excellent introduction to the field of natural building. A beautiful gallery of photos, and ordering info on how to buy hard-to-find natural building books and videos.
Center for Resourceful Building Technology
        ·  This site is a hub of information on resource-efficient building methods, indigenous building materials, jobsite recycling programs, and resource-efficient design. Excellent books and pamphlets available.
Pumice-crete Building Systems of New Mexico
        ·  Slightly clunky, but the best (and only) site on this interesting technique. Lots of photos.
Environmental Building News
        ·  The web site for this leading journal of energy-efficient, resource-efficient and healthy-building practices. Features a green building discussion page.
Hemptech: The Industrial Hemp Information Network
        ·  A sober overview of what is happening in the world of industrial hemp production, commerce and technology. Excellent content, comprehensive and easy to navigate.
Sustainable Shelter
        ·  Very cool site with lots of articles.
Sinan Company - Natural Building Materials
Colin McGhee thatching in US! "Think Thatch!"
The Canelo Project - Home Page

The Healthy Home
  US Green Bldg Council
        ·  Disappointing site, not updated recently.
Green Building Mailing List Archive
        ·  A peek into the current discussion revolving around green building.
        ·  A straightforward introduction to this ancient art of searching for water or lost things.
Livos natural paints, oils, waxes, stains, primers and thinners
Eco-Home Network

The Future Home
  R. Buckminster Fuller on PBS
        ·  A graphically-cool site about Bucky based on a PBS "American Masters" program.
        ·  An excellent site dedicated to architect Paolo Soleri's experiment with "arcology" - architecture plus ecology - in the Arizona desert. Neat "daily progress" page.
Maximum Potential Building Systems
        ·  A useful overview of this innovative research center. Could use more photos and usable on-line information. - Building and Construction Internet Sites
        ·  An incredible list of sites dedicated to green building. Kinda out-of-date though.
Rocky Mountain Institute 
        ·  An awesome page about an awesome organization dedicated to a wide range of sustainability issues.
        ·  A straightforward introduction to this ancient art of searching for water or lost things.

Ecological Design
  Design, Ecology, Ethics, and the Making of Things
        ·  An essay by green architect William McDonough.
Ecological Design Institute
        ·  An elegant site which includes the Ecological Design Education Network and a list of eco-design schools.
Resources on architecture and community design
        ·  Communications for a Sustainable Future's page from their general site. List of annotated links.
Sustainable Architecture, Building and Culture
        ·  A unique compendium of links and content oriented to the global community of ecological building proponents. Updated and expanded, check it out.
Sustainable Building Sources
e design Online
Introduction to Feng Shui
Community Eco-Design Network (CEN)
EcoDesign Website
Tsui Design & Research Inc. | Evolutionary Architecture & Design
Resources on architecture and community design


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