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Straw Bale Construction

The New Strawbale Home
by Catherine Wanek
New Strawbale Home The New Strawbale Home answers the question, “What does a straw-bale house look like?” with over 200 images of homes from across the U.S. and Canada. Showcasing a spectrum of regional styles and personal aesthetic choices, this new hardcover book compiles floor plans and useful information from forty cutting-edge straw-bale homes, and will inspire you in your own design choices. Divided into six sections—Small is Beautiful, Urban Solutions, Multi-Tasking Environments, Family Havens, Artistic Expressions and Country Comfort—the book offers a colorful and engaging view of strawbale homes and the people who build them.
A practical guide, The New Strawbale Home also includes valuable siting, cost- and energy-saving advice, plus “design essentials” to avoid common complications during the construction process and to ensure a well-planned home. The book’s strawbale homeowners chronical their building insights and hindsights, and lush color photographs throughout The New Strawbale Home
brilliantly illustrate how building with bales allows for maximum personal creativity whether the finished product is a sleek urban home, a mountain haven, or anything in between.
Build It With Bales version 2.0 ... A Step-by-Step Guide to Straw Bale Construction
by S.O. MacDonald and Matts Myhrman
BIWB2.0 Loaded with captioned perspective drawings, this inviting manual leads one through design, prep and building stages, offering practical and money-saving options at every step. A must for owner-builders and seasoned professionals alike.
The Straw Bale House
by Bill and Athena Steen, David Bainbridge, and David Eisenberg
The Straw Bale House The first major book of the straw-bale revival, and still a fascinating and exceedingly useful resource. Provides an overview of straw-bale construction, offering building options from the foundation to the finish plaster.
The Beauty of Straw Bale Homes
by Athena and Bill Steen
A stunning photographic tour of straw-bale homes across The United States, Canada and Mexico, this gem of a book captures the creativity and elegant simplicity of finished natural buildings at every budget level. Sure to inspire you visually, the Steen's insights into design, materials, and construction techniques provide practical principles from which to begin your own design process. Includes natural paint and plaster recipes.
Small Strawbale
by Bill Steen, Athena Steen, and Wayne Bingham
This new books proves small IS beautiful. From privacy walls and sheds, to meditation retreats and cottages, luscious color photos showcase building designs and floorplans that are doable and affordable. Prepare to be inspired. 
The Straw Bale Solution
by Black Range Films
The Straw Bale Solution Narrated by Bill and Athena Steen, co-authors of The Straw Bale House book, The Straw Bale Solution features interviews with architects, engineers, and owner-builders. Learn about weather and code implications, and experience the barn-raising, community-building aspects of straw-bale homes. Then follow the Steens south of the border as they work with Save The Children in Sonora, Mexico, empowering local townspeople to create comfortable homes from straw bales - an abundant agricultural "waste product" of the region.
More Straw Bale Building: A Complete Guide to Designing and Building with Straw
by Chris Magwood, Peter Mack and Tina Therrien

Newly updated, this is simply the best “How-To” bale-building book available.  Drawing from their experience constructing more than 50 straw-bale structures, the authors offer practical and money-saving information, step-by-step through the design/build process.

Serious Straw Bale: A Home Construction Guide for All Climates
by Paul Lacinski and Michel Bergeron
Serious Straw Bale An up-to-date and comprehensive straw-bale resource, this book goes beyond "how-to," and explains "why." With first-hand experience in cold winter regions, Lacinski and Bergeron offer sound advice for building in challenging climates. For both beginners and experienced strawbalers, this book is a vital addition to any natural building library.
Building with Straw, Vol. 1:
A Straw Bale Workshop

by Black Range Films
Volume 1 Learn the basics of straw-bale construction in this video condensation of a weekend workshop. Follow along as a group of volunteers gains hands-on experience constructing a two-story post-and-beam-and-bale greenhouse onto a century-old lodge.
Building with Straw, Vol. 2:
A Straw Bale Home Tour

by Black Range Films
Volume 2 What does a straw-bale house look like? See for yourself in this video which tours ten straw-bale homes, ranging from a simple owner-built home costing $7.50 per square foot to a custom-built, bank-financed house costing $100 per square foot.
Building with Straw, Vol. 3:
Straw Bale Code Testing

by Black Range Films
Volume 3 This video documents the results of tests on straw-bale wall systems, including New Mexico certified laboratory tests for wind load and fire resistance, and results of the Arizona compression tests and Canadian moisture tests. This video is packaged with a booklet of the NM post-and-beam code guidelines and the Pima County, AZ prescriptive standard for load-bearing bale construction.
How to Build your Elegant Home with Straw Bales
by Steve Kemble and Carol Escott
How to Build your Elegant Home with Straw Bales This video and manual set is a thorough "how-to" for the owner/builder, covering the specifics of building a load-bearing straw-bale structure.
Building With Awareness
by Ted Owens - Syncronos Design Production
Finally an instructional DVD that follows a start-to-finish building process, artfully combining straw bale insulation with thermal mass from adobe and natural plasters, over a rubble trench foundation.  See also how to install a solar electric system, rainwater collection, and more, to create an exceptionally energy-efficient and ecological home. Three hours plus, of valuable information in a beautiful, thoughtful film.
Straw Bale Home Plans
by Steve Kemble
Straw Bale Home Plans This brochure provides a clear image of different designs that are available for purchase from Sustainable Systems Support.
Straw Bale Details
by Chris Magwood & Chris Walker
When you get serious about design drawings, this is your book. It offers precise CAD illustrations of a range of foundation, wall, door, window and roof-plate scenarios. These clear architectural drawings reveal the nitty-gritty construction details that builders require. Include are sections on laboratory test results, building code provisions, and plasters and finishes.
The Building Official's Guide to Straw Bale Construction
edited by Kelly Lerner and Pamela Wadsworth Goode
The Building Official's Guide The California Straw Building Association (CASBA) has compiled that state's strawbale codes, along with most laboratory testing results, in one convincing package. Sections on structural testing, fire resistance, moisture issues and thermal performance, with professional interpretation, make the guide easy-to-use for busy building code officials.
Straw Bale Construction Details - A Sourcebook
edited by Ken Haggard and Scott Clark
Compiled by a team of architects and builders, this unique sourcebook provides professional illustrations of loadbearing, post-and-beam, and hybrid straw-bale wall systems. Nine different systems are classified and rated according to frequency and acceptance. They give variations and thoroughly diagram foundations, bale layout, framing systems, openings, utility integration, tools, lateral loads, moisture protection, and finishes. Published by the California Straw Building Association (CASBA), it is a must-have resource for professionals and serious owner/builders.
Buildings of Earth and Straw: Structural Design for Rammed Earth and Straw-Bale Architecture
by Bruce King, PE
Buildings of Earth and Straw Written by a structural engineer, this book provides a tool for owner/builders, architects, and engineers to approach the structural design of rammed-earth and straw-bale buildings. It is a valuable companion to other works on the subjects of earth and straw.
CASBA International Straw Bale Conference Videos
by Black Range Films
International SB Conference Videos This video of the 1999 Conference organized by the California Straw Building Association (CASBA) documents a unique gathering of straw-bale professionals from around the world in three 2-video-tape sets. Highlights of Set 1 (Panel Discussions) includes Moisture Issues, Structural Behavior, Codes, Financing and Insurance. Set 2 (International Presentations) tours fascinating straw-bale projects throughout Europe, Australia, Mongolia, and China, and includes discussion of Vault/seismic design. Set 3 (Technical Presentations) documents slide shows from leading experts on Moisture Considerations in Building, Thermal Values of Straw Bales, SB Structural Issues, Building in Cold Climates, the multifaceted Real Goods Solar Living Center, and more.
Earth Plasters for Straw Bale Homes
by Keely Meagan
Earth Plasters for Straw Bale Homes Why finish your straw-bale home with an earth plaster? Non-toxic, ecological, breathable and beautiful, earth plasters can be "dirt cheap" if you do it yourself from on-site materials. This resource compiles wisdom from the hands-on experiences of several modern-day "mudders," explaining the entire earth-plaster process. It is complete with plaster recipes, instructions, diagrams, and photographs.
How to Build Straw Bale Landscape & Privacy Walls
by Tim Farrant
Landscape and Privacy Walls This working paper is a useful "how-to" on the subject of straw-bale landscape and privacy walls. Includes photos, drawings and structural calculations.
The Last Straw Journal
Each issue offers 40 pages of construction insights and hindsights from professionals and owner-builders worldwide, plus reviews and resources without advertising.

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