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The New Strawbale Home       $39
The Straw Bale House       $29
Beauty of Straw Bale Homes       $22
The Straw Bale Solution       $25
Straw Bale Building       $25
Serious Straw Bale       $29
Building with Straw: Workshop       $19
Building with Straw: Home Tour       $22
Building with Straw: Code Testing       $29
Building with Straw video set       $59
(set counts as 2 items for shipping)
How to Build your Elegant Home       $45
Building With Awareness DVD       $35
Straw Bale Home Plans       $07
Straw Bale Details       $29
Building Official's Guide to Straw Bale       $39
Straw Bale Construction Details       $22
Buildings of Earth and Straw       $24
SB Conference, Panel Discussions       $29
SB Conference, Int'l Presentations       $29
SB Conference, Technical Presentations       $29
SB Conference set - all 6 videos       $75
(set counts as 2 items for shipping)
SB Landscape & Privacy Walls       $15

The Last Straw Journal 1 issue #__       $7
The Last Straw Journal 2 issues #___    $14
The Last Straw Journal 3 issues #___    $21
The Last Straw 4 or more #____$5/each

Earthen Techniques

The Natural Plaster Book       $29
Built by Hand       $45
Wonderful Houses       $9
Earthbag Building       $30
Adobe Houses for Today        $20
The Cobber's Companion       $16
The Hand-Sculpted House       $35
Building With the Earth       $15
The Rammed Earth House       $29
Buildings of Earth and Straw       $24
Earthen Floors Coming up soon.       $ ?
Rocket Stoves       $15
Build Your Own Earth Oven       $15

 A Timber Framer's Workshop       $29
Cordwood Masonry Housebuilding       $22
Basic Cordwood Masonry Techniques       $35
Cordwood Homes       $29
The Book of Masonry Stoves       $25
The Book of Bamboo       $25
Grow Your Own House       $39
 Growing Temperate Bamboos       $29

How to Build with Bamboo       $16
Bamboo Style       $20



$25       Mortgage-FREE
$25       Econest
$35       The Natural House
$20       Creative Country Construction
$18       Italian Plaster Techniques
$59       Alternative Construction
$25       The Art of Natural Building
$19       A Shelter Sketchbook
$29       The New Independent Home
$20       Alternative Building Sourcebook
$18       Building With Vision
$25       The Earth-Sheltered House
$15       Build the Best Hot Tub Ever!

$31       Introduction to Permaculture
$16       Urban Permaculture
$25       Rainwater Harvesting for Drylands
$25       Gaia's Garden
$29       Growing Temperate Bamboos
$15       Liquid Gold
$19       The Humanure Handbook
$25       Farming with Nature
$25       Aquaculture
$25       Terraces and Raised Beds
$66       3 video set-Farming with Nature, Aquaclulture and Terraces and Raised Beds
(set counts as 2 items for shipping)
$33       Solviva
$20       The Art of Japanese Garden
$18       The Complete Pond Builder

$15       Creat an Oasis with Greywater
$15       Branched Drain Greywater Systems
$15       Builder's Greywater Guide

$39       Greywater book set (3 books)
(set counts as 2 items for shipping)

Natural & Healthy Living

$19       Prescriptions for a Healthy House
$35       Green Building Products
$19       Better Basics for The Home
$22       Creating Life Together
$25       Mortgage-FREE
$20       The Good House
$20       Superbia!
$25       Labyrinths & Mazes
$20       ZEGG video



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