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Radical Strategies for Home Ownership

by Rob Roy
Mortgage-FREE!Did you know that the root definition of "mortgage" is "death pledge?" This book offers a liberating attitude and practical how-to advice for those wanting to live and build without being enslaved to financial institutions.
The Natural House:
A Complete Guide to Healthy, Energy-Efficient, Environmental Homes

by Dan D. Chiras
The Natural House This book offers a detailed overview of thirteen natural building methods, including strawbale, adobe, rammed earth, cordwood, papercrete, earthbags, and Earthships. Speaking from experience, Chiras also describes sustainable energy and water systems, and alerts the reader to potentially expensive pitfalls. The costs, pros and cons of natural building, and a twenty-page Resource Guide, make this book particularly useful for owner/builders.
Alternative Construction:
Contemporary Natural Building Methods

edited by Lynne Elizabeth and Cassandra Adams
This incredible resource, co-authored by over two dozen different experts in the natural building field, offers an in-depth look at a variety of "alternative" building technologies. It covers construction methods, ecological design principles and provides current engineering and building code requirements. Its up-to-date resource section is unparalleled.
The Art of Natural Building
edited by Joseph Kennedy, Michael Smith and Catherine Wanek

Art of Natural Building

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A fresh look at age-old building technologies, The Art of Natural Building offers a thorough overview of materials, techniques and resources from the leaders of the modern-day movement. Profusely illustrated, the book provides the philosophical basis for choosing natural materials, siting and energy-efficient design strategies, and case studies, where traditional techniques are utilized in modern buildings.
A Shelter Sketchbook:
Timeless Building Solutions

by John S. Taylor
A Shelter Sketchbook The wisdom and simplicity of vernacular architecture is demonstrated through more than six hundred pen & ink sketches from a myriad of cultures, including thousand-year-old earth-sheltered homes in China, ancient modular designs from Japan and strategies for passive air-conditioning from the Middle East. Taylor’s expert drawings take us on a tour of indigenous folk architecture, revealing the wise use of resources, responsiveness to climate and economical accommodation of human needs. This book is an inspiration to natural builders everywhere.
The New Independent Home:
People and Houses that Harvest the Sun, Wind and Water

by Michael Potts
The New Independent Home Revised and expanded to include design and construction, this book chronicles modern-day pioneers choosing to live lightly and self-reliantly. Inspirational case studies of homesteading families and their "alternative" technologies, include their visions, insights and hindsights. Author Michael Potts provides clear and entertaining explanations of how renewable energy systems work, and their bottom line.
The Alternative Building Sourcebook
by Fox Maple School of Traditional Building
The Alternative Building SourcebookCompiled by the team at Fox Maple School of Traditional Building, this is a source for over 900 traditional, natural, and sustainable products, suppliers, and services. A treasure-trove of hard-to-find contact information.
The Resourceful Renovator:
A Gallery of Ideas for Reusing Building Materials

by Jennifer Corson
The Resourceful RenovatorThis book is for the creative, ecologically-sensitive and frugal. Corson describes and shows how to reuse materials while renovating, including wood, metal, stone, brick, glass and ceramic, offering points of consideration for each material. It will surely change the way you look at old buildings.
Building With Vision:
Optimizing & Finding Alternatives to Wood

by Daniel Imhoff
Building With Vision Part resource guide, part photo-essay, this new book details building methods that minimize wood use including Rastra, Eco-Crete, Structural Insulated Panels, strawboard, natural linoleum, recycled plastic decking, and straw bale, cob and other natural building techniques.
Lime in Building
by Jane Scofield
Lime in Building From England, where lime plasters are traditional, comes this easy to understand 30-page booklet that includes simple recipes with "rule-of-thumb" measures, advice on preparation and technique materials and equipment, plus a guide to further reading.
The Earth-Sheltered House:
An Architect's Sketchbook

by Malcolm Wells
The Earth-Sheltered House Connecting your home with the earth can allow an energy-efficient dwelling that blends into the landscape. With his inspirational ideas and sketches, the legendary Malcolm Wells brings this age-old idea into the 21st century, exploring the aesthetic and construction possibilities, along with practical considerations such as passive solar design and ventilation.
You Can Build the Best Hot Tub Ever!
by Becky Bee
You Can Build the Best Hot Tub Ever! A practical guide to creating a wood-fired hot-tub from dirt-cheap materials. Author of The Cob Builders Handbook, Becky Bee describes in detail how to combine a recycled bathtub, stones, earth and a bit of plumbing into a backyard sanctuary. Includes advice on decorative sculpting and the art of heating with wood.

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