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Introduction to Permaculture
by Bill Mollison, with Reny Mia Slay
Introduction to Permaculture In this accessible book, permaculture principles are translated into simple steps toward a productive, edible landscape. The many effective, detailed drawings suggest the "Garden of Eden" you can create with these practices, whether you are developing a back yard or the "back forty."
Urban Permaculture
by Black Range Films
Urban Permaculture Dr Bill Roley, founder of the Permaculture Institute of Southern California, munches his way across two urban landscapes, sharing low-cost strategies of how to turn a vacant lot into an edible jungle. This video shows how permaculture can be applied in an urban setting, from planting fruit trees along a street corridor to channeling rainwater onto perennials instead of into the storm drain.
Gaia's Garden
by Toby Hemenway
Gaia's Garden Imagine an abundant garden filled with edible flowers, fruit and berries, carpeted with scented herbs and salad greens, shared with pollinators and enriched with birdsongs. Gaia’s Garden describes how you can develop such a vision in your own backyard, combining the best features of conventional gardens, edible landscape and wildlife habitat. Leave behind rototillers and chemical fertilizers as you discover how to build soil, deter pests and lure beneficial insects to your self-renewing productive landscape that works in harmony with Mother Nature.
The Gardener's Guide to Growing Temperate Bamboos
by Michael Bell
The Gardener's Guide to Growing Temperate Bamboos For gardeners in non-tropical climates, this book will help you choose bamboos that grow where the temperature gets below freezing. Its detailed color photographs and illustrations are extremely helpful in identifying species, and Bell provides growing tips that will help your bamboo thrive. Includes an extensive resource guide.
Liquid Gold
by Carol Steinfeld, illustrations by Malcolm Wells
The Humanure Handbook: A Guide to Composting Human Manure - 2nd Edition
by Joseph Jenkins
The Humanure Handbook This award-winning book encourages us to utilize nutrient-rich human "waste." Well-researched and relevant to all, this Handbook offers dozens of options and resources from around the world for restoring nature's cycle of decomposition and regeneration. Author Joe Jenkins will "move" you, amuse you, and promises "you will never flush a toilet with indifference again."
Farming with Nature - A Case Study of Successful Temperate Permaculture
by Crystal Lake Video
farmingwithnature An inspirational visit to the high-altitude farm of Sepp and Veronika Holzer, one of the most successful working Permaculture systems in Europe. Chosen as an example of sustainable agriculture for EXPO 2000, the Holzer farm is productive year-round, offering a four-season bounty of fruit, vegetables, grain and fish through innovative land and water use strategies. See how the Holzers have created a virtual Garden of Eden in a challenging climate, and learn simple ideas you can apply to your own landscape to improve its productivity.
Aquaculture - The Synergy of Land and Water
by Crystal Lake Video
Aquaculture Water is the foundation of life, and Permaculture farmer Sepp Holzer makes the most of it on his 100-acre farm in the mountains of Austria. In addition to irrigation, Sepp has created a delightful landscape of more than 70 ponds with a unique microclimate and a huge population of fish, amphibia and waterplants. Through the efficient management of his waterways, Sepp grows fish for market, at the same time generating his own electricity. The Holzer farm was featured in EXPO 2000 as an example of a successful synergy of land and water, creating a regenerative environment.
Terraces and Raised Beds
by Crystal Lake Video
The practice of replanting the Austrian mountainsides with pine seedlings has resulted in an unhealthy forest mono-culture. Sepp Holzer has transformed his own steep mountainside into a fertile farm of ponds, trees, raised beds and terraces that is productive year-round. In this video you'll see pasture land converted into a blossoming terrace, within a few weeks.
Solviva - How to Grow $500,000 on One Acre & Peace on Earth
by Anna Edey
Solviva The author's inspiring personal vision and journey towards a sustainable lifestyle is chronicled in this beautiful volume – which is lush with color photographs of bounty from the Solviva greenhouse. Learn from Anna Ebey's experiments and discoveries of how to integrate solar energy, garden, greenhouse and livestock production into a profit-making enterprise, while reducing the cost of living and improving the quality of life.
The Art of Japanese Gardens - Designing & Making Your Own Peaceful Space
by Herb Gustafson
The Complete Pond Builder
Create an Oasis with Greywater - Choosing, Building and Using Greywater Systems
Revised & Expanded Forth Edition Art Ludwig
Branched Drain Greywater Systems - A Supplement to Creat an Oasis with Greywater
by Art Ludwig
Builder's Greywater Guide - Installation of Greywater Systems in New Construction and Remodeling
by Art Ludwig

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