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Using Wood & Bamboo

A Timber Framer's Workshop: Joinery, Design & Construction of Traditional Timber Frames
by Steve Chappell
A Timber Framer's Workshop From the founder and director of the Fox Maple School of Traditional Building, this comprehensive book offers a thorough explanation of the process of building a timber frame structure. Author Steve Chappell covers tools, techniques, structural design, framing and bracing, roof framing and design, and joinery details, with wit and wisdom. Invaluable tips about choosing and organizing materials and crews come from a life-time of hands-on experience.
Cordwood Building
by Rob Roy
The State of the Art by Rob Roy (and friends). Cordwood construction is a time-honored technique of laying short logs, or "log ends," in a mortar or mud mix to form a wall. Author and editor Rob Roy, cordwood's leading proponent, has assembled in this anthology the most complete and up-to-date body of work on the subject. Featuring photos of log-end buildings from around the world, this resource empowers the owner builder with how-to techniques, inspiration and building code advice.
Cordwood Masonry Housebuilding: The Earthwood Method
by Rob Roy
Cordwood building is a time-honored technique of laying logs in a mortar or mud mix to form a wall. Rob Roy, cordwood's most active modern-day proponent, has combined his previous two books, Cordwood Masonry Houses and Earthwood, with another ten years of experience in creating this book. Filled with diagrams and inspiring photographs, it will take you log by log through the process.
Basic Cordwood Masonry Techniques
with Rob & Jaki Roy
Basic Cordwood Masonry Techniques See step-by-step all the hands-on processes that go into building a cordwood wall. The Roys show what types of wood to use, how to prepare and dry them, and various stacking techniques. They estimate material quantities and show how to mix and "point" the mortar. See door and window installation, and "special effects" such as bottle-end and shelf designs.
Cordwood Homes
presented by Rob Roy
This video tours cordwood homes up-close and personal, including round, 16-sided, and stackwall-cornered designs. It features interviews with owner/builders, discussing costs of building and building codes. Unlike Basic Cordwood Masonry Techniques, which covers the hows, Cordwood Homes is about the whys, the whats, and the whos.
The Book of Masonry Stoves:
Rediscovering an Old Way of Warming

by David Lyle
These high-mass wood stoves evolved in the cold climates of Northern Europe. Based on an extended flue design that extracts most of the heat from combustion, they provide efficient, comfortable heating with virtually no pollution. The first of its kind, this book details the benefits, history, and technical details of all major types of masonry stoves, including plans and building information.
The Book of Bamboo
by David Farrelly
Book of Bamboo Subtitled "A Comprehensive Guide to this Remarkable Plant, its Uses, and its History," this encyclopedic book expresses a passion for "the most useful plant on earth." Strong and fast-growing, bamboo is indispensable in many cultures, and holds great promise as a conservation plant and building material in the US.
Grow Your Own House: Simon Velez and Bamboo Architecture
Filled with exceptional photographs, this book focuses on the work of Simon Velez, a renowned contemporary architect working with bamboo. Fast-growing, strong and beautiful, bamboo is emerging as a sustainable alternative to wood in construction. Velez' soaring architecture - including the ZERI Pavilion he designed for Expo 2000 - pushes the limits, and shows that bamboo is up to the test. An inspiring book, it is written in both English and German.
The Gardener's Guide to Growing Temperate Bamboos
by Michael Bell
The Gardener's Guide to Growing Temperate Bamboos For gardeners in non-tropical climates, this book will help you choose bamboos that grow where the temperature gets below freezing. Its detailed color photographs and illustrations are extremely helpful in identifying species, and Bell provides growing tips that will help your bamboo thrive. Includes an extensive resource guide.

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